History of Panhard

ok, this will be improved soon, but for the impatient, here is a brief chronology of Panhard's history:

1866: René Panhard joins Jules Perin. Their company is "perin Panhard et Cie". Their main activity is to build tools for woodwork.

1873: René Panhard buys a piece of land at 17 and 19 Ivry Avenue where Panhard still is to this day. Emile Levassor joins the company.

1891: Levassor drives from Ivry avenue to the Porte de Saint-Cloud (20 kilometers!) and later takes his wife to Etretat in 3 days (225 km at 10 km/h).

more to come soon...

Panhard, vainqueur de toutes les courses by Michel Chabot, Le Figaro